"Monitor Histologically Normalized UC for Relapse" on MedPage Today

"These patients require ongoing monitoring and follow-up," the study's first author, Amanda M. Israel, MD, also of the University of Chicago Medicine, told MedPage Today.

Our graduating Advanced IBD Fellow, Amanda Israel, was published her findings on the “Follow-Up of Ulcerative Colitis Patients Who Have Achieved Histological Normalization” with Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (available ahead of print here). Her findings describe one-third of patients with UC who achieved histological normalization became quiescent or active, adding to the discussion of whether histological healing should be considered a goal of remission in UC patients. Read more on the MedPage Today article.

Congratulations Amanda on being featured and best wishes for your future endeavors!

U.S. News & World Report features Dr. Rubin in "What's the Difference Between Colitis and Crohn's Disease?"

“A distinguishing feature of ulcerative colitis is that it's confined to the large intestine, which encompasses your colon and rectum, says Dr. David Rubin, chief of gastroenterology and a professor of medicine with University of Chicago Medicine. ‘Crohn's disease can occur anywhere – most commonly it's the last part of the small intestine where it joins the large intestine.’”

Can you name some other differences? You can find the full article here.

Dr. Rubin Disscusses Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Why Your Gut is a Window to Your Overall Health

"Your intestines are the center of the universe." Listen to Dr. Rubin's appearance on WGN Nightside radio discussing the gut microbiome, IBD and other human diseases. You can find the full recording here.

Trial by Data: Chronic Disease & Data

Listen to Dr. Rubin featured on a podcast by Litmus Health, Trial by Data, exploring data-driven technologies and strategies shaping the future of clinical trials. Dr. Rubin talks about the importance of optimism in patient care and his own clinical trial using wearables to determine the effects of activity, sleep, and heart rate on patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Read the full description: https://medium.com/litmus-health-blog/trial-by-data-chronic-diseases-data-bd0ad4d1111b

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Read Dr. Rubin's Comments on New Study Comparing HRQoL of Laparoscopic Ileocaecal Resection and Infliximab Treatment

Surgery an Alternative to Infliximab for Some People With Crohn’s Disease
By Marilynn Larkin

Dr. David Rubin, Chief of the Section of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition at the University of Chicago Medicine, agreed: “For some patients, as difficult as it may seem, a surgical intervention early in their disease will enable better control and, as this study shows, an excellent quality of life later.”

“I often explain to patients that one of the most significant advances in the management of CD has been our ability to prevent it after an expert surgical resection,” he said. “There is more work to be done to better understand which patients would benefit most from this approach. Nonetheless, this study provides us with the information necessary to have informed discussions with our patients about treatment options.”

Read Full Study by Dr. Willem Bemelman here